Vitamin E

Vitamin E: Natural vs Synthetic


Vitamin E is a crucial fat-soluble vitamin your body needs every day. It protects your heart, prevents premature aging, and is a super antioxidant that shields your cells from oxidative damage. Besides its protective effects on your cells and heart, vitamin E has many benefits. It helps with the proper functioning of organs and assists [...]

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Vitamin E: The Powerful Anti-Aging Vitamin


When you think of healthy skin, nails, and hair, does Vitamin E come to mind? Probably not, but this powerful antioxidant helps to promote all those things! Typically found in many different types of cosmetic products, it naturally works to protect the skin against free radicals that cause wrinkles, thicker skin, sun spots, and cancer. [...]

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10 Foods That Are High In Vitamin E


According to daily value recommendations for the US and Canada, you should have at least 15 mg of vitamin E each day1. However, many Americans fail to get enough of the vitamin in their diet. Foods That Are High In Vitamin E: Wheat Germ Oil: This oil gives you 135% your daily value of vitamin [...]

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